Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Home Stretch

We've come so far in the past 16 weeks and now it all comes down to their feeds...We're in the home stretch. This can drive parents crazy having to wait on getting their bottle volume complete. Once they have those down, we get to go home! It could be days or it could be weeks. It seems very simple, but it takes these preemies a little time. Actually, it takes some newborns a little time too.The thought of going home is exciting and scary all at the same time. I would imagine this is how all first time parents feel upon discharge even without complications.

My mom, dad, brother, sister and brother-in-law all came down this evening for a visit. When I'm the only one here, I have to take turns with each one; however, when family visits, both babies get constant attention...and they love every minute of it.

1) Mommy feeding Kennedy
2) Drake-go ahead & try, I refuse to exercise
3) Kennedy
4) Mommy feeding Drake while Poppy gives him a pep talk


  1. SOOOOO close to winning the Superbowl! Eat up babies....Mom and Dad are probably ready to sleep in a REAL bed! ;-) Praying the feeds go well! Have a great week Team Gilstrap!

  2. Oh my, Drake that is your dads unimpressed look for sure! Ha! Glad to see Kennedy didn't get ALL the attitude! Can't wait to have you all here!

  3. Looking back on how far these two have come, to where they are now, it is so amazing. They have grown so much, learned so much, and soon can start the next chapter of their lives :)

    Praying that they both work together and learn the bottle feeds together, so you all can go home as a family :)

  4. I think my fave part os seeing Drake's various work out faces! Love them! And Kennedy just exudes spunk!

    Yay home stretch! And you are 110%the correct--we are all excited and scared to go home with newborns, but thats the greatest mixed emotion ever :-)

    I am overjoyed for your family.

  5. Look at Poppy's expression and then look at Drake's expression...

    Love em!