Monday, October 8, 2012

Bright Eyes

Drake and Kennedy had another eye exam today; therefore, we hung out in a dimly lit room all day. Good news...their next exam will be in four weeks! This means that their eyes look really good for their gestational age. These good eye exams also verify what I already witness daily...Drake can see! The neurologist may not be able to explain it, but I know that he can see. The nurses are continually amazed as he makes eye contact and tracks objects.

Their Occupational Therapist brought Kennedy a present this morning...a Dr. Brown bottle. The goal is to monitor how she does with it over the next few days before I go out and invest in more. So far, she has done really well. She hasn't completed an entire bottle yet, but she has come very close and this is a big improvement. Drake on the other hand did finish an entire bottle today! Every day is one more baby step closer to going home.

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy exercising
4) Drake
5) Drake
6) Kennedy
7) Drake


  1. Of course he can see! He is always looking for that paci! :) and someone to snuggle with. Enjoy that snuggle time, mom and let him continue to amaze you

  2. Ohhh they are looking sooo good! I hope that next spring you guys will join the Tyler March of Dimes Walk and become a family team! It is such an amazing experience to be a part of! You get to see and meet other families of preemies. This year will be MOD 75th anniversary! Our first year we walked fell on my sons's actual first birthday. It was quite an experience with tons of tears of joy for us going from 25 weeks at 1.4 to celebrating one year! I can't wait for your family to experience the same joy and be a part of such a wonderful cause and event! I am in such amazement over the miracles God provides for us every day. They both have that look in their eyes of...ok! Let's bust outta here, think anyone will notice? Lol so adorable. You guys have a fabulous night and enjoy that cuddle time.

  3. Praise God for another triumph in the Gilstrap ward! I am confident your faith as parents-- and His faithfulness as our Father in heaven--is what is winning this game for your family! Go ahead Drake, keep stumping the Drs!! We looooove to see it!

    Miss Kennedy is so very pretty! And such a sweet blessing. I have heard those Dr. Browns are awesome for reflux. It is a chore to find the right bottle, so hopefully y'all have found it already! And itwould be nice if Drake liked those too. My son uses Breast flow bottles, but with out the second nipple on the inside...he took to the "altered" version so fast I didn't have to hunt long either, thank goodness :-)

    You are doing wonderful momma! Those kids are loving every minute with you--keep moving forward!!!

  4. ...and God will continue to work miracles for your sweet little family! :) All will continue to pray...and include prayers of thanksgiving!

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