Sunday, October 7, 2012

Starting a New Week

Sunday's are always sad because Brian has to leave for the start of another work week. The weekends are entirely too short! This would have been a perfect weekend to snuggle up at home with some chili while watching football with the babies...all in due time.

Drake is doing extremely well with his feeds! He is attempting the bottle every time and at this rate he will be on full feeds very soon. Kennedy is still working on her feeds and I am sure she will improve with more time. To help with her reflux, they are mixing her bottles with half breast milk and half Enfamil AR. So far, this seems to be helping. They both love sleeping in their Rock and Play Sleepers especially following a nice warm bath. Our neonatologist has lined up a surgeon who will do Drake's hernia repairs along with his circumcision in about three weeks. This is great news because there are not many surgeons who will do both surgeries at the same time.

Both Drake and Kennedy did really well with their exercises today, and I can see their progress with strength and endurance. They really prefer their massages over their exercises, but who wouldn't.

1) Drake doing exercises
2) Sleeping Beauty
3) Kennedy
4) Drake holding his paci
5) Daddy and Drake
6) Drake
7) Kennedy doing exercises
8) Kennedy


  1. I can't say it enough...they are SOOOO precious! What beautiful blessings u have.

  2. I can't imagine how hard Sundays must be for all of you! Praying that this week passes quickly and uneventfully! Great job sweet babies!! Keep working hard on those exercises! Praying for you all!

  3. I wish i could upload a picture of my daughter that looks like the first one if drake! I just love his work out looks his eyes- say "oh yeahfeel the burn" and ito love missto K's work out face-so zoolander ;-)

    I love how they are soooo all boy and soooo all girl. Some babies are gender neutral ...but not yours! Drake is all handsome man and Kennedy is such a gorgeous girl!!

    This week is going to be your best yet--they are getting so big and you are going to enjoy them every second. You are such a great mom and have such a beautiful attitude. And what a great hubby/daddy working so hard for you all!

    Prayers for all :-) thank you for sharing those sweet pictures.

  4. I have been Following your post. I am also a MOM's and had preemies.
    One baby had alot of issues with reflux and we tried everything under the sun. Luckily, I decided early on I wanted to BF. This was our saving grace because he ended up not tolerating anything, but my BM. I exclusively pumped for 11 months!!

    We think he had a milk protein intolerance, so I too went off and dairy and soy!!! It was very difficult in the beginning, but after 3 weeks he was no longer screaming!!
    Happy to say they are a year old and both in 50% for weight non-adjusted. I am happy to say he has outgrown the reflux! We also had him on Prevacid!!!
    Y'all are In my prayers!!

  5. All are looking so good. Thank you for posting and sharing. Prayers for your family continue.I am praying you have a good week.<><

  6. So many of my friends love the rock 'n play sleepers. Looks like you and Brian will be fans of those too if they lull your babies to sleep!

    Those pictures are just adorable. Kennedy gets prettier each day and Drake gets more expressive each day. Whatever it is they say is "wrong" with him, I don't buy for a minute.

  7. Sounds like Drake has everybody figured out! ... And sounds like another Gilstrap I know :) I can't get enough of those chubby cheeks and facial expressions!! And Kennedy clearly wants to be just like her mommy - maybe shell join your cheese-free diet soon. I'll eat both your cheeses! Lol