Saturday, October 6, 2012

Growing Big

Wow! They've come quite a long way from 1#9oz and 1#11oz back in June. Now they are nice and healthy at 7#1oz for Kennedy and 6#12oz for Drake. Today was a perfect day for sweats and football with daddy. He spent time holding Drake and then Kennedy. Drake is quite the snuggler and he has even figured out how to get the nurses to come hold him. If Brian and I run to grab a quick bite to eat, we return to a happy boy in a nurses arms. When he gets fussy, the second you pick him up he stops.

We're all making progress. Not only do I have good news about the babies steady weight gain, I also made it through my 1st day in a week without spontaneously crying. Brian and I got our flu shots today. Our arms are a little sore but the protection it provides for our little angels is well worth it. After seeing all of the pokes Drake and Kennedy have endured in their short lives, we would certainly not complain about a shot. We have officially entered RSV season which is an extremely dangerous time for preemies. We wish we could share them with family and friends once we leave the hospital, but unfortunately that will not be possible. A simple cold that a healthy person isn't aware they are carrying could be life threatening to our babies with their lack of immune systems.

1) Daddy & Drake
2) Daddy & Kennedy
3) Drake
4) Kennedy


  1. Growing like a weed! Both of them. They are simply amazing. As are the both of u. STILL PRAYING! ;-)

  2. Mama's boys really know how to work over a pretty lady to get their way lol. He is going to be one spoiled little boy. But what fun is it having sweet little babies if you can't spoil them rotten! With flu season approaching I am sure the docs have talked to you about the babies getting Synagis shots every month during the winter. It helps to protect against RSV. The good thing is that it protects their lungs, the downside is the shot itself. I don't know who cried more with the shot, my baby boy or me. It is larger than normal vaccines and when they have to have it every month, it is no fun. But I would rather my son have pain for a couple minutes vs being sick and back in the hospital. It is definitely all worth it in the end. Enjoy all that snuggle time with your cutie pies. They are sooo adorable!

  3. Your precious babies are reaching milestones and so are you. In any good parenting relationship there is growing on both sides. It is wonderful to see them and you enjoying the good health. I pray you have a week that brings you some sweet smiles. My prayers for your family are daily morning and evening and sometimes (when I slow down enough to 'be still') in the work day as well.

  4. Wow! They look big in daddy's arms!! So exciting!!

    I am glad you all are getting the flu is so impirtant to do what you can to stay healthy and protect the babies. I also got the whooping cough shot. Some people are against immunizations, but I am one for the greater good...more help than they ever hurt!

    My son got rsv his first month in day care. Broke my heart that i had to expose him to germs that can make him so sick. Now that I am home with him, he still gets sick--its a fact of life --but we do what we can to guard our kiddos! I wouldnt be worried about not being able to share the babies at home. Your family and friends will understand and support your need for a clean and as sterile as possible home. In no time the danger period will be over and then you can share them. Not a soul will begrudge you for protecting your kids!

    I am so happy for your day away from tears. What a relief for you to give those eyes a break. I am just amazed by you and Brian...i would be a mess 24-7 if i ever had to endure your trials.ill say it again-- what a testament to your marriage, to your family, and to your faith! Keep it up Team Gilstrap!

  5. Annie I have enjoyed reading about your sweet family I ahve been job hunting and find myself often reading your blog instead of job hunting !!! your babies are precious praying for you!!