Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Decision

For weeks now, we have struggled with what would be best for Drake in terms of his up coming surgery. We have consulted with various doctors, nurses and medical personnel concerning Drake's case, and we have come to a decision about what will be best for him. This week he will be having his two inguinal hernias repaired, his circumcision, nissen fundoplication (to prevent reflux), and a gastrostomy tube (g-tube) placed to insure adequate nutrition. After his recovery back in the NICU, we will be able to take our baby boy home and continue working on his feeds. Everyone agrees that he will be much happier once he is able to go home, and I know we will.

Miss Kennedy is all set to go home (Gran & Poppy's) this week. They have assured me she will not be released on the same day as Drake's surgery, which I am very thankful about. After tomorrow we should have a better idea about when Drake's surgery will be and when Kennedy will be discharged.

We did have some fun today taking our 1st Halloween pictures while they are still together.


  1. O-M-G! They are the most adorable Mickey and Minnie I have EVER seen!! Y'all are SOOOO close to the finish line. Praying for safe surgeries for little man. Keep up the great work Team Gilstrap!

  2. Minnie and Mickey, how precious :) Praying that surgery goes well for Drake, but knowing how good he does, God already took care of it and he will come out with his huge smile on :)

    Glad to see Kennedy coming home soon, gotta get the place all ready for brother, so he can come home soon also :)

    Glad to see these two doing so well, slowly but surely, just getting better and better :)

  3. They are so cute! I cant believe how chunky they are getting!!! its cute on them. WHen are they going to be able to get drake off of oxygen? or does he get to go home with it?

  4. My little boy had surgery in dallas on the 23rd, and it was funny because we were away from the computer for two days, so i was bouncing off the walls not getting to read your posts! We were hoping to get to be at same place but we were at surgery center. It would have been nice to meet the two strongest parents i have ever read about!

  5. How adorable!!!! Can't wait for you to all be home.

    Love ya,


  6. Praying all goes smoothly this week and that Drake not only does well in surgery but feels better once it is over. They both look so very sweet in their costumes:)

  7. Praying Drake's surgeries go well. He is going to be so much more comfortable without the ng tube. Hopefully he will be on his way home soon too.

    Those costumes are absolutely precious! They make the cutest little Mickey and Minnie ever!!!