Monday, October 29, 2012

Inching Closer

Drake and Kennedy both had really good days today. Drake even took 4 whole bottles! Both babies have decided that they prefer being held over being anywhere else. I am quite thankful to have Gran here during the day along with our caring nurses to help out. As I am writing this with my left hand, I am snuggling a sleeping baby with my right and rocking the other with my foot. My multitasking skills have taken on a new meaning from one year ago.

Our surgeon was out of town today so our neonatologist will call back tomorrow to schedule Drake's surgery. We are anxious to find out when it will be taking place. Kennedy should be ready to head to Gran and Poppy's in just a few days.

1) Mommy & Drake
2) Mommy & Kennedy
3) Drake
4) Uncle Aaron & Kennedy


  1. Thankƒul that both babies had a good day and I pray you have another one today. <><

  2. Thankful you all had a good day yesterday and hope today is the same. Give those precious babies hugs and kisses from us. Love ya'll !!

  3. These pictures just bring tears to my eyes and a smile to my face. I can just see the love in all the photos you post. Such a great morning for me to come here and read what a great day everyone had yesterday! Know, every week my women's bible study holds your family in our prayers and will continue to do so.