Monday, October 22, 2012

Say Cheese!

What an experience we had today! Our first baby photo session. We had the hospital photographer come take pictures of Drake and Kennedy. The photographer was used to taking pictures of newborns, so we all learned that photographing 4 month old preemies is harder than it sounds. Luckily she was able to get some good shots and I should be able to post some tomorrow.

Kennedy is still all set for going home this weekend as long as her carseat test and shots don't have any complications. We're not going to know what to think when she doesn't have leads on anymore. Just the thought of picking her up without being tethered to a monitor is hard to fathom.

Drake's surgery has been rescheduled for next week, and we will consult with the doctors over the weekend about the best plan of action for him. Right now we are giving Drake time to show us what he can do and what he needs. Tomorrow is a big day for him. He has a neuro-sonogram and a hearing screening scheduled. To be honest, I am nervous about both of these. The neuro-sonogram is looking for fluid on his brain that the doctors could help correct. Regardless of how the hearing screening comes out, we know that Drake can hear. He loves his music and he responds to our voices. Please keep Drake in your prayers tomorrow.

1) Drake
2) Drake watching the mobile on his swing
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy


  1. Precious babies, tomorrow Drake will be a super star!

    Love ya'll,


  2. ALL of you are ALWAYS in my prayers... Give any worry to God...tomorrow will be another triumph :-)

  3. Drake is a champion. Noticed that his feeding tube is missing. Jesus will be holding Drake tomorrow during his tests, just like he's been doing all this time - Drake in one hand and Kennedy in the other.

  4. Praying that Drake's tests come out better than expected. No matter the results I am praying for all of you. <><

  5. The babies look great! We are continuing to pray for perfect test results and that Drake will exceed all expectations - he already has!

  6. There so cute! !!!!!!!! Wow they have increased in growth and capability in the last four months so much.