Thursday, October 25, 2012

Playing With Our Emotions

Today has been a mixture of emotions beginning with disappointment and followed by unexpected delight. Brian called early this morning as he was beginning his work day, and I informed him that both Drake and Kennedy were doing well and it had been a calm night. Shortly after our conversation, Kennedy had a Brady. Our nurse rushed in to assist her and it wasn't long before Kennedy's heart rate resumed normal range. This was her only episode of the day, but the effects trickle into the days to come. Our very much anticipated trip home with her will now be postponed. The rules are 5 days Brady free in order to be released. Assuming she does not have any future incidents over the weekend, she will now be released on Tuesday. This was heartbreaking for us because we have been eagerly awaiting taking her home this weekend. Now her discharge will fall during the work week and Brian will not be able to join us. These 4 month shots have been difficult on our baby girl. Not only did they cause her Brady, but she has spiked a fever twice today. I am thankful to be here in the hospital where the shots are spaced out over 3 days, and we have immediate medical assistance should it be needed.

Our afternoon faired much better in the news department. The hearing screener arrived back to do Drake's test. We had been warned by the neonatologist not to be surprised if he didn't pass the screening. She said they would perform the hearing screening three separate times here at the hospital and then they would send us to an auditory specialist. As you know, we have already been told by the neurologist that his hearing, vision and motor skills will all be effected from the stroke he suffered. We also went into this knowing that the diuretics used restart his kidney function can cause hearing loss, too. As I held my sweet sleeping boy in my arms, the screener performed the test. With each minute that passed, I prepared myself for the results. To my delight, she informed me that we were finished and he passed in both ears. I actually had her repeat the results. Hooray! I scurried to my phone so that I could share my enthusiasm with Brian. Another 1st down for Team Drake!

1) Drake
2) Drake
3) Drake
4) Kennedy
5) Kennedy
6) Kennedy


  1. Beautiful pics. And sorry for the disappointment but maybe Kennedy just wants to wait on her brother to go home with her at the same time ! Way to go Drake...keep on keeping on.... It's amazing to watch a true miracle .

    Allen and Karen

  2. Continue to hang in there. I think u have entered the hardest part of the see home in sight but the babies dont yet...our nurses refused to say going home instead they said going to the zoo. Your day is comming you will have both babies hope in time for Thanksgiving. Think of the Thanksgiving celebration you will have.

    Love to hear how Drake is doing. God is watching him and is preparing him and ur family for something special.

  3. Happy to hear the hearing test news for Drake; sorry to know Miss Kennedy is feeling so rotten from the shots:( Even so she managed a rather sweet smile in the one photo. Praying you have an uneventful day...unless the event is a great one that is! Thank you for keeping your prayer warriors current each day. <><

  4. You were so close ....remember that God has a reason for everything he does you have to believe that something good will come out of the Brady.congrats about drake!!!! I wish u the best of luck!!!

  5. Praise God you were still at hospital wgen the brady occurred ...God has K at the top of his list, his plan AND timing is best. Lets rejoice that she will go home in His time and until then you are under caring and watchful medical eyes. Ill pray for Brady free days though, as i know they are so scary for you all.

    Yay Drake!! I have been under strong conviction his prognosis will not stick! He is just kicking that prognosis' butt!

    Strong parents and healthy babies...God paired y'all up perfectly.

  6. Kennedy is just taking her time, so she can stay with her brother longer... these two are smart... came from two smart people :)

    Drake's hearing news is great! I love how the doctors keep expecting the worst, such as having hearing issues, and he smiles and doesn't let things stop him once again. I've stopped listening to what the doctors say about Drake, he is writing his own future, following God's path :)

    These two are growing up so fast! :)

  7. My name is Stephanie. you don't know me, but I am so inspired by your amazing children. They are so beautiful and so fortunate to have such magnificent and devoted parents. Thank you for sharing your journey and experiences. And just to let you know, I have a twin brother, Steven, and he is my best friend, always has been... Drake and Kennedy are so fortunate to have one another... I will keep you all in my prayers and plan on following your journey.

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