Monday, October 15, 2012

Just a Typical Monday

We had a typical Monday focused on their feeds every 3 hours. They had their daily exercises with their occupational therapist, and she even brought them a exercise poster. It is complete with pictures of each of them doing different exercises labeled with descriptions. This will be a nice reference once we are home.

Aunt Meredith came and played with Drake & Kennedy today while I sorted through our bills. Only 4 weeks left until Aunt Meredith's due date! Drake and Kennedy will soon have a new baby cousin.

They are still doing quite well in the area of weight gain. Tonight Drake weighed 7#7oz and Kennedy weighed 7#11oz. I am hopeful for some rest tonight. Last night Drake was extremely restless and fussy which prevented both him and me from sleeping. Fortunately, this did not effect Miss Kennedy's beauty sleep.

1) Drake
2) Mommy & Kennedy
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) Exercise poster
6) Drake


  1. Glad the weight gain is still going well, and hope the bottle feeds just keep getting better. Sorry you have to deal with so many bills.

    You're feeling very sleepy, Mr. Drake!

  2. Look at kennedy blowing momny a kiss. :-)I just cannot get over how precious they both are.

    I hope you get rest...fussy is never fun.

    That is so sweet if the therapist, what a blessing the med team is! I pray for each of them and of course each of you.

  3. Praying you had a better night's rest. It has been a while and I still can recall the fatigue in the early weeks. I pray God gives you an extra hand and dose of energy for caring for two sweet babies.Praying you have a quiet and good day. <><

  4. So thankful for typical days and continued progress! And so excited for Aunt Meredith & Uncle Aaron! Cousin ? will be here before we know it!

  5. I hadn't visited the blog in a few weeks, and I'm just floored over how good they both look! It's obvious they're making great progress. Keep it up little ones! We're all thinking about you.

  6. What a touching story!! What such tiny ones can overcome!! My son Logan was born at just 23 wks and 4 days, he weighed 1lb 8 oz, he spent 4 months and 10 days in the NICU! It was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with! We had a lot of prayers and love sent to us from all over! He continues to amaze us and drs daily he is doing very well and as I say acting like a typical baby!! He is a little over 7 months and over 10 lbs now! I just wanted to say hang in there your love and positive attitude is felt by your babies! I will be praying for your family! Jolene Reynolds..... San Antonio, TX

  7. So glad they are doing well and getting closer to being home! They are adorable!

    Get some rest while they are still in Special Care. You've got the best babysitters ever there! :-)