Friday, October 12, 2012

Completing Bottles

Wow! Kennedy completed 4 of her 8 bottles in a 24 hour period, and Drake is not far behind. At this rate they will be ready to go home in no time. We would love for both of them to be released together, but in reality they will more than likely be discharged at different times. The doctor was preparing us today for "if" they are released separately.

Drake did a great job with his exercises today, and he kept is fussing to a minimum. His occupational therapist saved his tummy time for last because he is not a fan. Today he tried to turn himself over twice in the same direction, but she wouldn't let him. When both of those attempts failed, he tried rolling back the opposite direction; she let him this time because she was so impressed. Our boy is already problem solving. Kennedy is completely laid back and easy going. When I worry about Drake being fussy, the nurses tell me he is acting like a typical newborn and Kennedy's temperament is not typical. We consider ourselves lucky because two fussy babies would be a lot to handle.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy


  1. I love these pictures - Drake's big eyes and in this photo Kennedy is looking like you Andrea.

    Love you!


  2. I can hear an old song in my head "Homeward Bound"...yes these darlings are doing their part to get there:) I hope you have a wonderful Saturday together!

  3. Yay Drake! You go rolly polly! That is so impressive! New borns dont roll anywhere-normally they are blobs!

    And yes i agree, having a fussier baby is normal (my Mav was just so strong willed--from the start!)...having a sweet quiet laid back baby (my Trey) is almost a shock to the system :-)i but both i couldnt live without...just like you n Brian with D&K!

    CONGRATS on all the great work the 4way of you are doing...what is the game plan for separate release? Do you leave one at home w Gran to stay w other at hospital or what? Regardless that is so exciting how close to home you all are!!