Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Surgery Scheduled

The Pediatric Surgeon called today and scheduled Drake's hernia repairs and circumcision. The date is set for two weeks from today on October 24th. Of course the date can be rescheduled if he is not ready, but we are down on the books. It's hard to believe our little man could be ready for this and then...coming home.

They are both working on their feeds and this is just something that takes time with preemies. I had two fussy babies on my hands this afternoon and I was extremely grateful to have my mom here to help. Drake and Kennedy love being held by their Gran! My immediate reaction to them being fussy is worry. I worry there is something terribly wrong and we will end up back in the NICU. Luckily, my Special Care nurses have reassured me that this is not the case...they are simply acting like normal full term babies.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Drake after his bottle
4) Drake
5) Kennedy


  1. They are bigger than my son was when he was born! They grow SOOO fast. I love seeing pictures of them every day...they are just tooo precious. Prayers still going up!

  2. I ready your blog every night before I go to bed and I love seeing Drake and Kennedy's progress!! They have come so far and with parents like you and Brian the sky is the limit. Prayers continue to come your way. Keep up the AWESOME you four!!

  3. Drake and Kennedy always have the cutest poses in their pictures :) It's so great to see them now, getting bigger all the time, grown up so much from their 1 pound selves :)

    Time is flying by! Next thing you know, this will all be a distant memory, replaced by so many happy times ahead as these two drive you two crazy :)

    Glad to see God continues to watch over Drake and Kennedy, their parents, and everyone else in their lives :)

  4. Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I read your blog daily, and look forward to seeing the updates. I have been praying for you and your babies everyday.

  5. Ooohhh look at mr muscles!!!

    I am just covering Drake and his drs with prayer that God give the surgeon his hands and mind and you all his peace. I just know it will be a success and get you yet another score closer to home!

    Yes! Fussy normal sweet babies! Abd you sweet mommy get a doubly precious dose :-)have no fear, God has been perfecting your mothers intuition, soon you will no longer have the stomach turning worry, and you will know each little face or fuss and what they mean...especially the top three : hungry, dirty, tired...but just like grown ups sometimes they just fuss to fuss!

    I'm so impressed by the milestones they just sail over. Feedings are going to be tackled soon enough! Keep it up D&K!!

  6. I have another very dear friend scheduled for surgery on the 24th so your darling Drake and my dear friend will both be lifted in prayer throughout this day. What lovely progress all of you are making. <>< I am so sure that God is proud of all four of you!

  7. We will be sending sweet Drake prayers for his surgery...from my baby girl to your baby boy - You're going to do great little fighter!

    Love u -