Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Due Date

It's finally here, my due date; the day Drake and Kennedy were supposed to enter this world. I was told from early on that Oct. 3rd was not a date we would reach, but I never imagined they would come so very early. I had hoped to reach September and was afraid they might come in August; so as you can imagine, June was not even on my spectrum of possibilities.

Every day I wake up wishing this was all just a very bad dream, but then the reality hits. You would think the impact would be less intense as the days pass, but it isn't. We know we are so very lucky to have the little miracles that we do; they are the sole reason we continue moving forward.

Today I worked with the occupational therapist learning some massage techniques. Boy did it work! Drake became so deeply relaxed that he fell asleep. Later, I used these same techniques on Kennedy and she loved it too! I also changed her little outfit because the nurse had put her in a preemie onesie and she is a big girl now, 6#12oz. Drake is not far behind at 6#5oz.

Working with the OT was very helpful mentally for me as well. She was very reassuring that Drake looked very good for the prognosis he was given. She said he is lucky to have parents that will work with him every day to stimulate his brain development so early in his life.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy asleep on Gran
3) Gran giving Drake a bottle
4) Drake
5) Drake
6) Drake
7) Kennedy
8) Drake


  1. I will say it again--they have the sweetest most yummy cheeks. I bet you smooch them a zillion times a day.

    I am so thankful for the support network you have. God has placed incredible people around you from family to the OT that brought you comfort today--and most of all he is there--a "Blessed Assurance"

    I was recently blessed by a friend with a book of daily encouragements called "God Calling" ...todays I think is so fitting for you, Annie, on your due date--God bless you sweet Momma.

    From the book God Calling By a .J . Russell October 3rd: Blessed Assurance....
    "Be still and know that I am God. Only when the soul attains This calm can there be true work done, And the mind and soul and body be strong to Conquer and to bear.
    The peace is the work of righteousness living the right life, Living with Me. Quietness and assurance follow. Assurance is the calm born of a deep certainty in Me, In my promises, in my power to save and keep.
    Gain this calm, and at all costs keep this calm. Rest in Me. live in me. calm ,quiet, assured--at peace."

  2. They were certainly a surprise, scare and blessing all in one June night. I know it's been a long 102 days for you and Brian but bringing those two little chipmunks home soon will make it all worth while.

  3. My son was watching Meet the Robinsons movie today and it made me think of you all every time they said Keep Moving Forward. Y'all are doing such a wonderful job as parents and are going to provide the best life for those sweet angels. Drake has proven to the world that he is no ordinary statistic and he is not going to let the doctors dictate his outcome! He is so strong and amazes us all each and every day. So happy to hear about Kennedy's outstanding news! Can I ask why you delivered early to begin with? We continue to pray every day for your family and that a happy homecoming will be very soon in your future!

  4. We wish that we knew. I was on bed rest beginning at 19 weeks following a cerclage, and the night they were born my water broke.

  5. I read your blog everyday, but this is the first day I decided to comment. My sister, Yvonne Malmstrom, introduced me to your little miracles via facebook. Each day, I look forward to reading about their accomplishments. I know recently the news hasn't been the best, and I have been reflecting on it for a couple of days now. I am of the impression that little Ms. Kennedy is not only Drake's cheerleader but his teacher as well. Looking back through the posts, I realized Kennedy did most things first then Drake followed. Kennedy tried cannula first and was eventually successful. I think Drake saw this and said, "I am a big boy too! If my sister can do it so can I." Thus, Drake tried cannula, and he has been successful thus far. Then, Kennedy moved onto bottle feedings. As a mother of two boys, I can tell you Drake was probably looking on with high anticipation of the day he could also "eat." When Drake took his bottle, he decided to show Kennedy that he did learn the lesson she was teaching him, and he downed half the bottle to show her he got it! I strongly believe in the power of prayer, and I know twins tend to share a very strong bond with one another. I think, despite the doctors' pronosis, Drake will continue to develop and do great things, because he has a wonderful cheerleader and teacher in his sister Kennedy. It also helps that he has amazing parents who are going to do everything they can to ensure their little mans gets the best care possible. May God continue to bless you and yours.

  6. Checking in on and praying for Drake and Kennedy has become a daily routine for me. Thank you for sharing your little blessings with us. <3

  7. Just look at the last 2 pictures, Kennedy and Drake look so much a like I had to look twice. Praying for you all. God is good, all the time.

    Love you,