Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Minimum

Since both Drake and Kennedy seem to be progressing well with their feeds, the doctors have decided to accept a minimum at each feed. This means, every 3 hours they are offered a bottle with 70mL; however, they only have to take the minimum of 50mL. If they would like all 70mL, that's great, but as long as they take the minimum of 50mL, they don't have to take the rest through their tube. This way they may reach full feeds sooner and we will be able to go home.

Drake is doing really well with the new 1/2 & 1/2 mixture they started him on yesterday. Gran was here all afternoon and was commenting on how he seems much more comfortable. The new mixture has really improved his reflux issue which makes for a much happier baby.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake


  1. This sounds like encouraging news. I am praying they can both be off the feeding tubes soon as well. I also pray that you get some good rest.

  2. Seriously?! They are getting cuter everyday!you how can you stand it?! They are looking right at the camera --like "what ma?" I just love their pictures, the change is so profound almost daily.

    The drs decision sounds great...some babies eat less and more often amd some eat more but less often...this i think will help you get to know the natural feeding habits that will surface once you are home and away from schedules and hospitals!

    My mind has been on Drake's upcoming surgery. I am confident it will be another triumph for him. Such an amazing son you have. God puts incredible people in such scrumptious lil packages :-)

    My heart is so joyful that Kennedy is maintaining health and giving mommy an easy time. God made you the perfect daughter and Drake a perfect sister :-)

    Soon you'll be singing "home again home again jiggedy jogg!"(my mom says that everytime we head home from anywhere)

    Prayers continue sweet team Gilstrap!

  3. I read this blog every day and I cannot get over how absolutely adorable they are. Their sweet chubby cheeks make me smile. Praying their feeds continue to go well and those tube will soon be a thing of the past. Have a great Friday Team Gilstrap!

  4. I am another stranger who has been reading your blog & praying for your babies. It is good to see them doing so well. I have been saddened to hear about recent news with drake, and thought about him as I read this article on brain damage this afternoon. I don't presume to know anything about his care, but I thought I would pass the article along for your consideration.

    My best to you and your little ones!


  5. God bless you and your family. You all have been in my prayers many times and I will continue to pray for you.

    Charm Cameron