Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Round One

Drake started his day early again with having blood drawn. This is protocol to check all of his levels prior to surgery next week. The nurse had warned me that he would be going into a treatment room for this in case I got up during the night and he was gone. I am very glad that she warned me about this because I got up about 5am and sure enough he was missing. Knowing where he was, I looked over to check on Kennedy. Panic set in for a second when she wasn't in her crib or Rock 'n Play Sleeper...then I spotted her snug as a bug in her carseat. One more thing to cross off of her list...carseat test complete.

Today began round one of their 4 month immunizations. They both got their first shot today, and tomorrow will be round two. Along with round two, they will also be receiving their first synagis shot (protection against RSV). The synagis shots will be administered once a month for the duration of RSV season. Friday will complete their 4 month shots with round three. As you may imagine, they were not in the best of spirits today. I am hopeful that they will be feeling more like themselves tomorrow.

2) Kennedy


  1. Yucky shots! Hope they are feeling better tomorrow. The pictures are adorable. I can't get over how chubby their sweet cheeks are. Prayers continue for all of you.

  2. So happy to hear she passed her car seat test. I know I said it before but just a forwarning about the synagis shots. They are larger than normal vaccines and as the babies grow bigger the shots will get bigger. When they hit a certain weight they will start getting one shot in each leg rather than just one when they are small. Their little legs will be sore but it is all worth it when they have it in their systems and are able to fight off viruses. On a lighter note, their four month pics were absolutely prescious! I hope once you are all safely home you will continue to post updates. I check my phone every night at 11 to hear the latesr updates. I know we don't know each other personally but once a nicu mommy, always a nicu mommy. Some of my dearest friends are ones we met while in the nicu along with others who we met once Blake was home and reached out to support their nicu journey. I hope you know that no matter what, you will always have a support team of nicu mommies, nicu graduates and March of Dimes supporters backing you and that are here for you, no matter where we all live! God Bless you and your sweet sweet family!

  3. Praying the Drake and Kennedy sail through the shots with minimal discomfort and no complications.

  4. I love Drakes face in his picture! He just looks like he's relaxing! Soooo cute! And Kennedy's ooooh look is priceless too! Shots stink....but they help protect our babies so we take the good with the bad...I remember Syd having to get a Rocefin shot every day for a week to clear up an ear infection that wouldn't go away before surgery on her ears... I had to have someone come with me because I was a basket case after every shot...

  5. I'm a huge fan of immunizations...i just wish in 2012 they didnt have to be shots! So miserable for everyone involved! Im praying the next few days goes smooth and they are as comfy as possible--and for you too--my babies are always yicky after shots, i dont know how i would cope w two.

    Yay car seat test is done! I have been praying for the logistics of them goinghave home at different times. That the transition will be smooth and God will help you safely and efficiently use each day to share your time with each baby. I just know he picked the right momma for the job--you can do it! Sing a happy song on the way and return...this will remind you that yall are on the last leg of this portion of the journey :-)

    I suppose they took shots in consideration for Drakes feeds...i would think he may not eat a ton bc of them...?

    I hope today goes well for you. Extra cuddle time is good for all 3 of you :-)