Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Chunky Monkeys

As you know, both Drake and Kennedy have steadily been gaining weight...quite a bit of weight. The dietitian has decided it's time to reduce their calorie intake from 24 calories down to 22 calories. Who would have thought our tiny little angels born at 1#11oz and 1#9oz would be so chunky. Chunky on a baby is a very good thing and it looks cute too.

They have started back on the polyvisol vitamins. If they taste as bad as they smell, I would hate to have to take them. These vitamins used to cause Kennedy to Brady, but so far today she has handled them well. After regressing on their bottle feeds yesterday, they are both doing better with their volume today. Both Drake completed one bottle and Kennedy completed two bottles today.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Kennedy crying when a loud noise scared her
4) Drake enthralled with the swing Gran brought up from her house


  1. They are so cute... have come so far from when I saw them weeks ago in their isolettes, tiny as can be and now they are grown so much since then!

    Drake and Kennedy are growing up slowly but surely, so happy to see that :)

    Praying daily for all of you still! Keep hanging in there :)

  2. Looking wonderful:) Pray you have a wonderful day together.

  3. Chunky never looked so delicious!!

    Today will be even better for feeds. Yay D &K!!!!

  4. So sweet! Her precious little face, she looks so scared. :(

  5. Oh, the tears!!!

    The babies are looking great!