Thursday, October 11, 2012

In Good Hands

Gran and Aunt Meredith came to visit today, and I was excited to have extra hands to help with Drake and Kennedy. To my surprise, after a fussy day yesterday, they both slept peacefully from one feed to the next. Aunt Meredith joked about having a calming effect on the babies. Drake completed a bottle with me today and Kennedy finished two.

Our nurses are wonderful! I know I have said that before but I really can't say it enough...we are in good hands. One of our favorite nurses offered to come up on her day off to sit with the babies so that I would feel comfortable getting out of the hospital for a little bit. She also brought me an air mattress to use because she knows how hard the couches are in the room. Another nurse tracked down a larger crib like Drake's for Kennedy during the night complete with a mobile. I turned it on for Kennedy this morning and her eyes lit up!

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Drake
4) Kennedy looking at new mobile
5) Kennedy
6) Drake passed out
7) Kennedy
8) Drake


  1. Glad they got some rest today and your nerves did too! The thought of little man having surgery is scary but exciting... I know in the big picture it means you are all coming home soon!!! Picture 4: Kennedy will definitely be a GCG rider one of these days :) So cute!

  2. You definitely deserve a break...and a better bed! I hope you and kennedy slept nice in your new beds :-)

    Its crazy how they wear themselves out after a day of crankiness! I envy their ability to sleep and eat the day away!

    Prayers continue!

  3. Praise the Lord:) I am so thankful for the caring staff and family you have to assist you. Prayers continue to lift you up to the Lord too! The pictures started this early morning off with a smile!