Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Best Laid Plans

I am a planner. I have a plan in place for everything that goes on in our lives. Obviously, nothing with Drake and Kennedy has gone according to my plan; therefore, I'm learning to adjust to the unknown. Some days I feel more adjusted than others, but a great deal of that comes from living in a hospital for the past 116 days. I don't know what our new normal will be once we are able to go home, but we will adjust as a family to whatever that may be.

We're still working on feeds here in Special Care. Drake has been changed to the 1/2 breast milk 1/2 enfamil AR mixture that Kennedy has been taking. This should help with his reflux issues which have become more apparent with the higher volume of feeds. They are both continuing to show steady weight gains each day which is a trend we want to see. Drake's surgery is scheduled for one week from today. It feels like that has snuck up on us rather quickly.

I gave each of them a warm bath this evening and right now our room is very quiet. They always sleep more soundly after a bath and a bottle.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy


  1. Adorable! Both of them! Keep growin' sweet babies!

  2. Oh they look so snuggable!! Those cheeks so smoochable!! I bet you spend so much time snuggling and smooching!

    In the study I am doing at church, THE POWER OF A POSITIVE MOM, a story was told (i will make it short)...basically it was about a person who had planned to the nth degree a trip to somewhere fabulous. The day came and half way through the flight , THE captain announced they wouldnt be going to the planned place, instead they would be going somewhere entirely different... but as equally fabulous...a place never planned for...

    I thought of you and Brian when i heard this story...because your trip has been rerouted, but you are still headed somewhere beautiful...just different than what you had in mind. I think you both have handled the change of itinerary with strength and graciousness.

    It is said "the quickest way to make God laugh is to tell Him your plans"...he has a perfect one already on route for the 4 of you--enjoy the ride, snuggling and smooching along the way.

    Prayers continue. Go team Gilstrap, GO!

  3. Annie, no worries about your life, God already has it under control and it will continue to be awesome :) We may not understand now why Drake and Kennedy came so early, but God does and it is all in his perfect plan for our lives...

    You and Brian are doing great jobs as parents, Drake and Kennedy are so lucky to have you two! Just keep the faith, do the best you can do, and know that your two little ones love you two so much, and always will :)

    You two rock! :)