Saturday, October 13, 2012

Forward Progress

Kennedy is getting closer to reaching full feeds, which means she is getting very close to going home. For us, home will mean Gran and Poppy's until Drake is released. They live about 30 minutes from the hospital, and that is much closer than our home 2 hours away. Having our babies in two separate locations again will be difficult, but we will make it work. Every step forward will eventually lead to all four of us home together. Drake is still working on his feeds, and we realize that he has not had as much time to practice as Kennedy. When he is ready, he will let us know.

Drake is down to one breathing treatment twice a day of pulmicort. They have discontinued his albuterol because he has made great progress with his lungs. After his surgery, it is possible that he will need both treatments again but hopefully not.

1) Drake
2) Drake and Daddy
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy with a smirk
5) Drake and Daddy
6) Kennedy - sleeping ninja pose


  1. God broke the mold when he made these 2 babies! They have touched so many lives in such a short time...I can't even imagine what the future holda for them. Prayers continue non stop for all of u.

  2. Praying for your family and especially for Drake's upcoming surgery. They look so very good!

  3. Drake is totally copying daddy's face in that last picture of them...and staring right at him...just those subtle signs convince me to rebuke -again-his prognosis!! I just love his darling face and he is so at home in dads arms!

    Kennedy oh missy! You are trouble already with your cute lil smirk! Love it! Good job on those feeds girl!!

    Home seems so near --can you just feel it?! Can Kennedy come to hospital when you do to visit bubby? Or will she have to stay home with Gran? I bet a zillion that D hurries it up once sister moves out...he just loves her too much to be apart i think.

    I am so thankful for you sharing this journey with us. I think amazing things ( and amazing people) happen when we are faced with challenges. You all are my favorite "story" to tell because its so triumphant and it has only yet begun!!

    Prayers continue :-)

  4. Your babies are so precious! We continue to pray for them and their development.

    Our little guy suddenly mastered the art of bottle feeding almost overnight about 10 days after his due date. It's like he figured something out and took every bottle from that moment forward and within 48 hours he was home. Your day is coming very soon!