Monday, November 12, 2012


Brian, Drake, Kennedy & I are in the process of adjusting to life at home. Our days are very full and we are settling into a routine. Today we accomplished getting a portion of our baby items sorted and organized, Brian did some grocery shopping, and we bathed both babies. This morning we met with an at-home nursing company who will be coming to help out with Drake. Hopefully we will have someone start with us next Monday.

Brian and I are both becoming more comfortable with Drake's feeding pump and oxygen machine. As much as we would love to simply pick him up and carry him around the house like we do with Kennedy, that just isn't possible quite yet. We are tethered by the distance his tubing will reach. He just needs a little more time, but at least he is home with us.

Tomorrow morning Drake and Kennedy have an appointment with their pediatrician. I am so glad Brian is taking this time off of work, so we can all adjust together.

1) Daddy & Drake
2) Headed to Tyler yesterday
3) Kennedy
4) Little Explorers
5) Waving goodbye as we headed home yesterday


  1. Oh, it's so awesome to see all of you home together! I just know little Kennedy and Drake will settle in quickly and thrive being exactly where they belong. It's amazing how well we ALL do at home versus a hospital setting.

    Cherish this sweet time of really does go by fast.

    Every day, I show my 1-1/2 year old daughter pictures of "the babies" and I can't wait to show her pictures of "the babies at home" tomorrow.


  2. What a wonderful blessing that all of you are getting this time together to adjust. I am praying everyone settles in to a new "normal" routine very quickly. Thank you for sharing through your blog; your story and your smiles truly are inspiring!

  3. So many congratulations on being home with your babies. It made my heart warm to see you guys at home with both your little ones.

  4. Love you all I am very happy for you. Bless you and keep you. Silly old cousin Marilyn Adams

  5. I am so excited for yall to be home together!!! It has been so strange to not meet with Drake everyday at 8:30 for his "beloved" exercises. I am so happy for your family and will continue to pray. Miss yall bunches but so glad you're home!!

    1. We miss you, Kerri!!! Don't worry, Drake still loves his exercises just as much here at :)