Monday, November 26, 2012


What an unexpected surprise! One of our sweet neighbors brought by a dinner for us tonight. It was a nice treat for us not to have to prepare a meal and the best part was the clean up.

We have a busy week ahead. Brian's dad will be in town tomorrow and he will be staying with us through the weekend. His sister, her husband and Brian's brother will be in town joining the party on Thursday. We should hear back any day now about when their synagis shots will be in which are due. Drake has a follow up with his surgeon in Dallas on Wednesday and he may be ready for his g-button (fingers crossed!).

1) Kennedy
2) Kennedy
3) Drake
4) Drake


  1. Oh my goodness! Miss Kennedy's outfit is toooo cute. She is so pretty! And Drake...those sweet can you not love him? What a thoughtful thing for your neighbor to do. I hope you all have a great time when the family is here!

  2. Well, hi Miss Ballerina Kennedy! Aren't you a cutie pie! Are you ready to perform? Now Drake, you're looking just like a serious judge with that little finger on your chin and then your hands together on your tummy. What's the verdict? Please tell your parents to give the two of you great big hugs for me. Oh, and please tell your mommy she did a great job picking out everything for your custom made nursery. It is such a precious room. I bet you love sleeping in your new beds. Brag on your daddy, too because he put them together! Love you two!!

  3. Oh my you do have a busy schedule this week. Thank you for posting these delightful pictures. You have such little charmers in your house. Praying all the busy events go smoothly. What is a G button? If it is a good thing for Drake then I hope that all works out perfectly.

    1. The G-button will be a very good thing. It will replace the long G-tube that he currently has and it will make life easier for Drake and for us.

  4. I had a rough start to getting up this morning and was kind of in a bad mood...boy did that change looking at those sweet babies! I love Kennedy's grin! Thank you for sharing your sweet babies with us!

    Yvonne and Syd

  5. Annie and Brian, I am constantly in awe of the grace and courage with which you have approached the hand you were dealt. Your little ones are beautiful. They look like excellent cuddlers. :)