Sunday, November 11, 2012

Home At Last

Packing the car and getting two little babies all settled in for the trip home to Tyler took a little longer than I anticipated, but we made it. The two hour car ride wasn't too bad. Neither of the babies really fussed, and for the most part they slept during our rainy drive. Once we arrived home, it was already time for changing diapers and heating milk. As fast as we were moving, it wasn't quite quick enough for Drake and Kennedy, which was a little stressful, but then things settled down.

It is a bit more challenging being at home with just the four of us, than it was at my parents' house. At Gran & Poppy's, we had a greater ratio of adults to babies; here at home we are on an equal playing ground at all times. Our dogs, Harlee & Ella seem to have adjusted nicely to our new additions. They were curious, but they don't seem to act like having them is a big deal. We are hoping to get a bit more sleep tonight, but we know that is probably just wishful thinking.

1) Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Drake
4) Kennedy
5) Daddy & Drake
6) Daddy, Drake & Kennedy


  1. I love every one of the pictures, especially daddy holding both :) I hope you all have a restful nights sleep and a great day tomorrow.

    Love ya,


  2. What a blessing! Home sweet home! The pic of Brian with BOTH babies is perfect. He looks so happy! Many prayers for all of u as u transition into LIFE as a family of four!

  3. Yeaaaahhhh! Such a blessing to be together at home! You will get so used to the O2 wires that once they come off for good you will still be trying to adjust Drake and your had bags as if they were still attached lol. I know it was crazy whe. I would have to leave the house with baby in tow along with his O2 and apnea monitor on top of it all, but you get used to it really quick. I love Drake's cheeks! I want to just eat him cute and Kennedy's smile is heart melting! I hope you continue to update while t home. I know how difficult it can be and time consuming. You have so many people that care about you all and it is so wonderful to hear when they get first downs! Hope you all have a great week! Many blessings to be thankful for this year! Can't wait to see pics of them dressed up in Thanksgiving and Christmas gear!

  4. So happy for your family to be home! Through the wonder of facebook, my cousin's step-daughter asked for prayers for your family with a link to your blog. Checking in on you all and adding the latest to my prayers has become a part of our daily routine. I will continue to keep you all in my prayers. Thank you for sharing your journey. It is just the beginning!

  5. Congratulations on making it home sweet home with your two darlings. I will pray you both get adequate rest over the next few weeks. Prayers will continue for your family. My favorite picture is the one with Daddy holding brother and sister. Thank you for sharing this joyous event.

  6. Such a blessing for your family to all be home together!! I learned of your family from a friend's link on Facebook probably a week after the blog started. I read all the posts that I had missed and have not missed a single one since! Your story has been very inspirational and I hope you continue to update on how Drake and Kennedy are doing! My prayers are still with your family....

  7. What a blessing for your family win the game with victory! So happy to see the whole family back home together, finally! Thanks for sharing your journey.

  8. Welcome home sweet family!!!!! It is wonderful for my eyes to see these sweet babies getting settled in to their home finally!!! Enjoy every second!!! They grow so fast!! Mine are 7 and 3 now and it feels like yesterday I brought them home. :-)).

  9. So thankful to read this! We read your blog every day and we are praying for your family! God is so good!

  10. So happy to see you all at home together finally! What a journey to get where you are now! You are now embarking on a new journey with your twins at home. Hope you guys can get a little rest between feeding those sweet babies all the time. I love all of the photos. Your babies are both absolutely adorable!