Friday, November 2, 2012

His and Hers

Drake is recovering from surgery in the NICU and will remain on the ventilator until at least tomorrow. We were hopeful that he would be able to come off today, but he just wasn't ready. The ventilator is necessary while they are managing his pain with medication. It is a fine line because since he is a much bigger and stronger baby, he tends to fight the ventilator from time to time which causes Brady's and desats. Any time they have to bag him it is scary, especially when this happens multiple times in a day. They have adjusted the settings on his ventilator so that hopefully he won't have any more frightening episodes. He is being weened off of his pain medication and he definitely seems more alert today. I was even able to hold him! I don't know which one of us enjoyed it the most. Drake is very loved by his doctors and nurses in the NICU, and his doctor even changed his poopy diaper today...the nurse said that never he must be loved!

Little Miss Kennedy has experienced her first full night and day away from the hospital. I could not have asked for a better first night with her. Even though she had an unsure look on her face when we left the hospital last night, she never did cry. She slept the entire drive from Dallas to McKinney and then looked around with curious eyes once we reached Gran and Poppy's. She fell asleep snuggled up on Gran while I took the best hot shower I have had in months. I woke her up every three hours for her scheduled feedings and then she fell right back to sleep. She seemed very peaceful away from the hospital. Me on the other hand...I was constantly checking on her to make sure she was breathing. It is a little hard to overcome being on constant monitors for 131 days. To give me peace of mind, she is wearing a mobile baby monitor called a snuza.

We are extremely grateful to everyone for their continued prayers and support! We have been overwhelmed with the kindness of family, friends and strangers. This weekend there are two benefits being held on behalf of Drake and Kennedy:

On Saturday, November 3rd in New Braunfels at the American Legion 410 West Coll Street. The festivities begin at 10am and include: BBQ, Music, Bounce Castle, Bake Sale, Silent Auction, Live Auction, Arts & Crafts, and lots of Local Vendors.

On Sunday, November 4th from noon till 6pm in Tyler hosted by the Longriders of Tyler Motorcycle Club. The fun will be held at the Longriders Club House 14502 FM 850 and will include: Live Entertainment, Live Auction, Famous Award Winning Longriders Chili and Prize Drawings.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Burp cloth gift


  1. Sorry to hear of the scary post surgical episodes, happy to hear how much all of Drake's team love him! I remember also being nearly unable to sleep for wanting to check and be sure my tiny newborn was breathing. For you this must be much more intense. I am praying for Drake's recovery and Kennedy's continued strength. I am also praying that you will be able to get adequate rest to stay well yourself. It made my night to see that precious little Drake face peeking up again his eyes have a special way of reaching into your heart! Prayers will continue. <><

  2. Sweet lady! You will continue to check if they are forever if you are like me! I still check on Mav who is 7 lol...and don't even get me started on my hubby, he can't even let Trey nap without multiple urges to "check" on him :-) Neither of them ever were on monitors ever and I still have the you are totally normal in your anxiety. It will ease but i highly doubt it will ever completely stop, unless you turn out to be less of a crazy mommy than I ;-)

    Drake is such a tough cookie. I am so sorry things are so scary as he fights the ventilator ...I kinda see it as a good sign that he is aware of surroundings and trying to get his independence back.

    I could never imagine what you go through every day. I cannot imagine the terror of a brady or seeing my baby bagged to restore breathing. Like i hace said before God hand picked you for this job bc i am not convinced just anyone could endure this with such grace and courage.

    We are looking forward to the benefit today...I know Angie and Teresa have been pouring themselves into this project-- Super Aunts!!

    Enjoy your weekend with hubby and trading cuddles with the sweet peas...and the hot showers!! :-)