Friday, November 9, 2012

One More Night

Only one more night until we walk out of the hospital with our baby boy!!! Today I met with the medical equipment company to sign off, collect and receive instructions on the rest of Drake's home equipment. The car is loaded and we are all set. He went back on his cannula today, but that is ok. We would rather go home from the hospital with these items than to end up back in the hospital later to get them. We are excited and looking forward to adjusting to life at home with our two babies.

Tomorrow morning I will be driving to Tyler to pick up Brian and then we will head straight to the hospital to pick up Drake. Our next stop will be Gran and Poppy's for the night. This will help with our baby to adult ratio for the first night together. It will also allow us to take turns going to visit our new baby nephew who was born tonight to my sister and her husband. Baby Jacob surpassed his cousins current weight being born at 9#11oz.

Kennedy is continuing to do great and she will have to adjust to sharing attention with her brother and cousin soon. She has really started cooing and smiling, which is a fun way to start each day.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Drake
4) Drake
5) Drake & Kennedy gave mini bundt cakes to the NICU staff with this note


  1. I love the bundt cake idea! When my son left the NICU I painted little flowers pots and pasted his tiniest foot prints on them. I wrote "Thank you for helping our little sprout grow!" on them and put fern-type plants inside. (something easy to take care of on a nurses schedule)

  2. Love that sweet little smile! Congrats on your happy news.

    Allen and Karen

  3. Joyful joyful day!! Words cannot express the elation in my heart for your family...

    Today is long awaited, and well deserved. Enjoy every second and relish every minute! Today marks a new "play" in God's plan for your family, and I know you 4 will execute this plan with the same grace and strength you have shown everyday leading to this one.

    Congratulations to your family on another precious delivery ...9#11!! I couldn't Imagine!! Jacob is the early "little" turkey, just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving with the Cuzzies!!

    Congratulations to all of you, what an incredible journey. Prayers continue for many more blessings upon each of you. I am looking forward to watching D&K grow :-)

  4. My prayer is that you have travel mercies today and a peaceful and joyous evening together tonight.Thank you for taking time to share Drake and Kennedy's progress. Looking forward to those home pictures of the two together again:)

  5. I'm sooo happy for you all! God bless your wonderful family!!!

  6. I am so very happy for you guys!! The family will be all together finally. I have loved following Drake amd Kennedy's progress and feel honored to have gotten to be part of their journey. God bless you all!!

  7. Yay! I am so happy that you will have your babies home together!