Sunday, November 4, 2012

Better By The Day

Every day I rush into the nursery like my feet are on fire eager to see my baby boy! The progression he has made in his recovery following his surgery makes my heart smile. Finally we are able to pick him up and snuggle with him again. Drake has his sparkle back in his baby blues, and he focuses in as he looks deep into our souls. When Brian was saying goodbye this afternoon, it was as if Drake completely understood that he had to leave but would be back soon. Drake is receiving milk on a constant feed through his g-tube and that has increased to 18mL per hour, and he is also offered 10mL through a bottle every 4 hours if he is interested. So good! He is still on his nasal cannula but he is down to 30% oxygen.

Kennedy is doing great and enjoying her days of being hospital free. She gets lots of snuggles in each day with her Gran and Poppy while I am gone to the hospital. Aunt Mere works with Poppy and said at the end of each day she walks to her car, takes down her sun visor, puts on her sunglasses and waits for Poppy to reach his car before she drives off. Ever since Kennedy has come home, she said Poppy is driving off before she has time to watch for him. Apparently having a granddaughter at home has put a little pep his step.

1) Daddy & Kennedy
2) Mommy & Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy in her swing
5) Daddy & Drake
6) Drake


  1. I love the way Drake looks at the two of you. So much love in those little eyes. Glad to see he's doing so well!

  2. What a beautiful way to start the day reading such encouraging news and seeing your beautiful family. Sounds and looks like Drake is exceeding expectations! Praise God and you and the medical staff and the power of LOVE and PRAYERS. Pray you have another encouraging day.

  3. Oh boy! Such great news on both fronts! And the pics are so precious. Have a joyful day with your sweets!

  4. Glad to hear Kennedy doing so well at home! It looks like Drake is quickly recovering and going to catch up shortly to Kennedy, and then everyone can be out of the hospital :)

    Drake and Kennedy are growing up so cute :) They have come a long way from birth :)

  5. Oh my soul and body!!! I love all these pictures of the Gilstrap family looking so happy, but I have to say that I can't stop looking at these pictures of Drake. Annie, that picture of you and Drake has to be one of my most favorite. Your heart really is smiling in your face as you look at your baby boy, and the look on his face is just priceless. You're seems as if Drake is looking right into your souls. He is looking so intently. I think this surgery really was a good thing for him. It's probably just me, but he looks like he feels better and more content.....and I have to say that I love his dark little eyebrows. What a blessing that your precious baby girl is not missing out on attention and is just a short trip away wrapping her Poppy and Gran around her finger. I'm so glad she is adjusting to her new world so well. It's is more than exciting to know that the long awaited day of both babies being at home is just around the corner. Thanks be to God for all that He has done.