Friday, November 30, 2012

Fun With Fam

We were fortunate to spend today with family here in our home. Papa, Aunt Gigi, Uncle Matt & Uncle Chuck have all been in town to visit. Brian and Papa have been working on much needed chores around our home which have been neglected while we've been in the hospital. Thank goodness Aunt Gigi has been here to help me take care of Drake & Kennedy. Both babies enjoy spending time with her as much as she adores them.

Drake's nurse is with us during the days Monday - Friday and she will be greatly missed over the weekend. I am so very busy dealing with insurance companies and additional disability offices; I am able to spend hours on the phone needed to follow up and keep my advocation efforts moving forward.

Drake seems to be adjusting well to his new G-button for his feeding tube, and yes it is much easier on us as well to connect his feeding tube. We can tell he is feeling less pain as he is less fussy when we are hooking feeds up. We have been working with him daily on his supplemental oxygen needs. Unfortunately, he is still requiring his oxygen support because his saturation levels are just not high enough yet to remove it completely.

1) Kennedy & Papa
2) D&K
3) D&K helping cook dinner
4) Drake


  1. They are precious Annie! If you need anything, let us know! We know we can't see the babies yet but we will help anyway we can! So happy yalls family gets to come down and help too! I betthey enjoy that!

  2. I had a dream about the twins last night. I was feeding Drake and he was crowling around the floor like he was about to take off walking. Love the pictures. I am so proud of you and Brian. Love and miss you!


  3. Drake has the most sweet expressions and I swear you put blush on kennedy! They are both so precious, i am glad family is able to spend time with them! Keep up the good work Team Gilstrap!!

  4. I especially love the pic of Kennedy with her Grandfather, the love shows and she has such a sweet expression as she looks at the camera.