Saturday, November 17, 2012

The Nap

Today I realized that you don't always know how badly you need a nap until you take one. Yes, this applies to the babies but today it was true for Brian and me. This afternoon after we changed and fed both babies and they were snoozing, Brian convinced me to take a break from the laundry, bottle cleaning, and sorting through 4 1/2months of baby items which have accumulated into what used to be our dining room. We all took a much needed nap, and after we were ready to tackle the chores. I have to say we are making some headway in the dining room and it is is beginning to transform back into its former self.

Drake and Kennedy have had a pretty calm day, and Drake even tolerated his exercises without much of a protest. We introduced them to their bouncy seat with soothing vibrations and I think it was a hit. Drake wasn't quite sure at first what to think, but he settled in and seemed to enjoy it for while. Kennedy really loved it as long as it was right next to where we were.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy
3) Kennedy
4) Drake
5) Drake & Kennedy
6) Harlee & Kennedy


  1. I cannot get over how adorable they are. I am so glad u guys have had such a great week and I hope adjusting next week with Brian back at work is a breeze. Enjoy those naps because they don't happen often!

  2. I am so glad he persuaded you to nap. Pray you have a good week and do take time to rest when you can. These are darling pictures and it looks like the dog is sticking close to the babies too:)

  3. Wow y'all sure have a lot if seats for them! Anything to keep them occupied I bet :-)

    You both have your hands full...just always remember that thingsin like laundry and disges and floors can waitto a bit if it means extra quality time together--or sleeping!!

    I love the card that says "cleaning a house with kids is like brushing your teeth while eating oreos" :-)

  4. I'm so glad to see they are home and doing well! When our second was born, we sort of fell into a pattern of always napping on Sunday. We ended up calling it "Family Nap Day" and it became sort of a sacred routine. The kids have long outgrown naps, but DH and I still take one most weeks. :)