Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Tomorrow is Drake's 1st appointment in Dallas at 11am; therefore, tonight involves the preparation. We will need: his 8:00 feeding and is 12:00 feeding with bottles and feeding bags, diapers, wipes, a cooler with cold packs for the 12:00 feeding, his kangaroo pump, portable oxygen tank and backup, blankets, a bottle warmer, and his paperwork. His nurse will be arriving early so that she can accompany us on our voyage, and we plan to head out at 8am to give us plenty of time.

Tomorrow will be a big day for Kennedy, too. She will have her 1st daddy/daughter day and her Papa will be here to help as well. I know she will have a wonderful day and she is going to eat up all of the extra attention.

1) Drake
2) Drake
3) Kennedy
4) Kennedy


  1. I love these sweet babies' pretty blue eyes! Kennedy, have fun soaking up all that attention from your daddy and Papa. Go glad the nurse is going with you tomorrow, Annie. Be safe. I be praying that Drake comes home with a G-button and that he'll enjoy his trip!

  2. Have a safe trip Drake!

    Kennedy, have fun with daddy and grandpa!!! :)

    By the way, it is Drake, Drake, Kennedy, Kennedy :)

    1. Thx! I just fixed that. I ran an update today and apparently it switches up the pictures when it publishes. This could happen again, but I will try to catch it.

  3. how long is he going to have his oxygen? Those two little blessings are getting so big!!!

    1. Right now we don't have any idea how long he will need his oxygen. We try him off every other day for as long as his can do well without it. Once he begins desatting, we have to put him back on. His follow-up with the pulmonologist is on Dec 7th.

  4. Precious!!! Their pics lately are too much!!

    Don't forget an extra outfit in case of diaper leaks ;-)

    Today will go perfectly for all of you!