Monday, November 5, 2012

Ordering Supplies

Today during my visit with Drake, the Social Worker came in to go over ordering his At-Home supplies with his nurse and me. This definitely means we are close to being released! He has been weened down to 0.5L on his nasal cannula and he is on 21% oxygen (room air). He will need to be down to 0.1L before he is released, but that will come soon. He had a follow up eye exam today, and the doctor told me that he looks really good. He said that his right eye is perfect and his left eye needs to be checked one more time in 4-6 weeks, but it is nothing to worry about.

Kennedy had a very special of her favorite former nurses came by to babysit today while I was at the hospital, and this allowed Gran to get out and run some errands.

1) Kennedy & Poppy
2) Kennedy falling asleep while exercising
3) Drake sleeping
4) Mommy & Kennedy
5) Drake


  1. Team Gilstrap is thisclose to winning the superbowl! We are so excited for all of you and can't wait to watch as you all grow and learn TOGETHER on this journey we call life. It is SO MUCH FUN watching a little one grow. You guys are blessed beyond means. Prayers will continue for you as you transition from the hospital to Gran & Poppys then HOME! Keep the pictures comin....these sweet babies make my day!

  2. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I pray you have a good day today and that Mr Drake continues to have exceptionally good recovery and growth.

  3. Oh Miss K! You areto so precipus! P.s. I fall asleep exercising too ;-) and Drake: you are just such a great lil man...what a special set you and sissy make :-)

    Annie & Brian: I am so excited, hopeful, anxious, etc. For the two of you to finally get home with BOTH babies. I am amazed at Drake's progress after surgery! But not sure why, we knew he would be in a hurry to be back with sissy.:-) I am incredibly thankful to see the unending bond the kids have with so many people--how neat is it that they are so loved, nurses from the hospital come babysit??!! How fabulous that your mom and dad can be with her when you are with your son??!! God just hand picked each of you and your kids and the people who love you--wow, how wonderful.

    I'd mention that I will pray for Drake's left eye...but I am sure already he is fine. Prayers and thoughts of each of them are such an important piece of my day. You all have been such a blessing in ourmy life...the babies really take up a special spot in my family's heart. Hope today is blessed for all of you

  4. One more day passing, one more day closer to coming home :) Drake looks like he is doing great and based on his progress, he will rejoin sissy really soon :)

    These two have come along so far, it is amazing to see how much they have been through, fighting through all of it, and doing great each time :)

    God truly has a bright future for these two :) I can't wait to see their story as they grow older with time :)

  5. i have been following your story with tears of sadness, pain and joy along with you, although i can never even imagine what your family has gone through. i am so happy for these 2 sweet babies. i am in mckinney as well and didn't realize your mom and dad were here too. if there is ever anything you need, please let me know. i have a 6 month old girl who was in NICU only 6 i don't have any basis to relate to where you are, but i am willing to give you anything you need for your baby girl or help with baby and diaper and bottle duty. : )