Friday, November 16, 2012


Since Drake's surgery, we have been working on his bottle feeds. His total volume for a feed is 85mL so our goal has been to complete 40mL by bottle. Our average has been working up to 20mL per feed, but today we achieved our goal of 40! This only occurred during one of our feeds, but it is a good start. Kennedy has been doing a good job of letting us know when and if she wants more volume from her bottle.

It's hard to believe it is Friday! This week has blown by in a blur. I am thankful Brian has been here to help with Drake and Kennedy this week. We sure are going to miss him next week when he is back at work, but luckily he will be taking the last week of November off to be with us again.

1) Harlee & Drake
2) Daddy, Kennedy & Harlee
3) Kennedy with her play gym
4) Drake


  1. So thankful you all have had a week at home together with the babies - finally! Love you!


  2. Yay for full tummies and family time!

  3. I pray you have a nice weekend together and I will especially be praying for your first week with Brian back at work. Hopefully having the nurse with you during the day will be a good help for you. I know it will be a very happy day indeed when sweet Drake can take all his feeds by mouth:) Both babies look great!