Saturday, November 24, 2012

5 Months Old!

Yesterday, November 23rd, our sweet babies turned 5 months old! We're still wearing newborn clothes, but in time we will be ready to move up to the next size. My, oh my, how they have grown over these past 5 months!

Thursday night after my mom left with the family, both babies decided to fuss at the same time and Brian said, "Can your mom come back tonight?" We seriously do miss Gran around here and we are looking forward to her next visit. She also provides me with a dose of sanity to prevent cabin fever when she watches the babies so that I can go for a walk in the fresh air or run to the grocery store.

Since it is the weekend, it is just our little family of four here at the house. Drake's nurse is here Monday - Friday from 9-5. I am thankful Brian has been here to help take care of Drake and Kennedy.

1) Kennedy 5 months ago
2) Kennedy today
3) A diaper from 5 months ago and one from now
4) Drake 5 months ago
5) Drake with Daddy today


  1. An amazing journey of miracles

    Allen and Karen

  2. It's just amazing to watch how fast they are growing. Time flies when ur having fun!

  3. Happy 5 months old you two! Time has flown by, miracle after miracle witnessed by all of us, and the life of these two slowly reveals itself as each day comes to us...

    Drake and Kennedy, you two have come so far in your short time with us so far, and you will go so far in your lives, touching so many as you have done for the past 5 months, and will continue to change the world around you with love.

    God bless the Gilstrap family, and continue to watch over them, bless them, and protect them as each day goes on.

  4. First, happy 5-mth-iversary of being rockin parents!

    Second, happy 5-mth-iversary of being rockin babies D&K!!!

    What an incredibly challenging yet amazingly inspiring 5 months it has been too...I cannot believe the transformation God has done in such tiny little lives, and what he has done in all who love them. Awesome.

  5. Amazing. I pray for you a smooth week and that you do get enough breaks to keep your self healthy and strong.Thank you for sharing your progress.