Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Now that we are falling into a routine, today began the calling and setting up of various doctors appointments that Drake has ahead: eyes, lungs, kidneys, ear, nose, throat, OT, PT, ECI, ect...We have a long road ahead but we will take it one day at a time. Tomorrow we have a meet and greets with two nurses interested in being Drake's At-Home nurse. If one of these prospects is a good fit, they will begin on Monday.

Great-Grandma & Great-Grandpa came by for a visit this morning. Both Drake and Kennedy enjoyed being held by their sweet Great-Grandma.

1) Drake & Harlee
2) Mommy & all of her babies
3) Kennedy
4) Daddy & Kennedy
5) Great-Grandma & Kennedy
6) Great-Grandma & Drake


  1. Super cute pictures! I cannot wait to hold my little niece & nephew. I think I'm the last aunt or uncle who hasn't gotten that privilege. :-( Having Hannah on her apnea monitor, with my purse, heavy carseat carrier & diaper bag to go to the pediatrician less than a mile away seemed like a stressful adventure so I can't imagine doubling that! It is so overwhelming I have no idea how much hard work it is with two at one time. You better start lifting weights now because those carseats do not get any lighter & neither will your precious angels! I miss y'all all and cannot wait to hold my niece & nephew!!! I hope to see y'all soon.

  2. What a sweet circle of love.The picture of you with all of your "babies" is especially sweet. I pray you find the perfect nurse to help you with baby Drake and that he continues to make progress and exceed expectations. I am praying you have a beautiful day together.

  3. What a blessed momma with those 4 sweet babies! I know Harlee & Ella are so happy you're all at home and are probably loving their big-brother & big-sister duties!!

  4. I love the pictures of Aunt June and the babies !!!! I know it made her day getting to hold those precious angels. Hope all is going well and continues to go well for everyone. Love ya !!

  5. Annie, you just made me cry. You know that holding Kennedy & Drake made Nanny & Pawpaw's day. Those two are the most loving and caring grandparents any of us could ever ask for.

  6. I love seeing these pictures. I sure miss my little exercise buddy. I am so happy for yall. Give the kids a big hug from me!!
    Kerri OT