Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Pedi

"Pedi" has a completely different meaning in my life now than it used to. Prior to being a mom, it meant getting a pedicure and now it means going to the pediatrician. Yes, today we embarked on a trip to the pediatrician. Is going to the doctor with two premature babies scary? Yes, especially when those two babies were just released from the NICU and one requires constant oxygen and feeding through a tube. But with Brian by my side, this fearsome foursome did an excellent job! Drake and Kennedy behaved perfectly during our entire visit. Drake weighed in at 8#14oz and Kennedy was 9#3oz. Steady gains are exactly what we are looking for at each visit.

I did something else today that I have not been able to do since early May...I cooked dinner! It is amazing how much I missed something that is seen by most as a daily chore. Hoping for many more good days to come with our little family.

Drake and Kennedy at the pediatrician


  1. There could be some really cute captions for these pictures! :) It looks like Kennedy in the first one is saying"there was a fish-this big!" and Drake looks like "my goodness when will she quit telling these whoppers!?"
    So glad your family is home together at last!

  2. Look at the rolls of chubbiness! So freakin CUTE! They are growing by the day!

  3. So happy to hear you had a really good day together. Really sweet to see the darlings side by side. Thank you for taking time out of an extraordinarily busy day to share with your many prayer warriors.

  4. What an adventure! Luckily your little Gilstraps are quite comfortable with Drs! Kennedy was clearly trying to explain their celebrity status! Lol. Glad your first outing was such a success!

  5. Those pictures made me laugh, as their expressions are just so adorable :) These two have captured all of our hearts and will always make us smile :)

    So glad you were able to make dinner :) I bet it is great to be home, figuring your routine out, and being "normal" again, just with two additions to the household :)

    Keep it up Annie and Brian, you two are doing great! :)

  6. Those two are so delicious!! Kennedy is all pretty girl and that Drake is such rolly polly boy!! I cannot get over them :-)

    I wanted to tell you and Brian how awesome I think y'all are doing...in any season of life there are highs and lows, you two seem like you can conquer it all! I am thankful for your story...it helps me keep things in perspective especially in regard to my kids. I have always loved my children of course, but maybe i might have taken them for granted...seeing the trials you have faced, and watching D&K grow, has given me a new found appreciation for precious life and for being faithful believers as we go through life. How you two made it through such a trying time is a gleaming example of your faith and God's faithfulness. I am thankful for both...

    Tonight I think if you all especially...oddly enough bc I am nervous for my son's ear tube "surgery" in the morning...then I think of you and Brian and how courageously you faced each day with the twins...then i feel ooober silly for even worrying about a simple 10 minute procedure. Thank you for sharing your journey, it really has helped shape my faith, and my role as wife and mommy.