Wednesday, November 7, 2012

What's Up, Doc?

Kennedy had her first visit to the pediatrician today and she did great! I was nervous to have her in a public place for the first time, but we survived. The doctor said that she looks great and has excellent muscle tone. He was genuinely impressed with her overall considering what she has had to overcome to reach this point. She is steadily gaining weight since her discharge and was 9#0.2oz today.

Drake is continuing to improve each day and getting closer and closer to discharge. My only hope is that when it happens, it happens on a weekend so that Brian can be with us. Drake has been staying awake and socializing with the nurses and me during the day and sleeping soundly during the night. We are very much looking forward to this pattern continuing once we are home. He weighed 8#2oz last night.

1) Drake in his swing
2) Kennedy & Uncle Mikey
3) Drake
4) Drake
5) Kennedy headed to Dr


  1. Out of all of the blogs I've visited and "followed", yours is the only one I read every single day! I love reading and seeing pictures from Drake and Kennedy's day, and I really love seeing them thrive!! They truly are little miracles, and I can't wait to watch as their story continues. Thank you for sharing them with us all!

  2. Little miracles INDEED! I, too, follow EVERY DAY! They are just SO precious and we pray for u every night!

  3. Reading your posts is now part of my morning routine before work. Oh my just looking at the pictures and then seeing what they weigh now...look how far you have come.I am praying that you have a good day! What a beautiful story is being told through your lives<3

  4. So excited for baby Drake and Kennedy! Their story is one of the most inspiring stories ever! Just to see them growing and exceeding everyones expectations makes my heart smile!

  5. Wow 9# and 8#!! They are getting so big!
    I am so pleased with these encouraging days for both of them --all 4 of you deserve it!!

    Do my a favor and pull Kennedy's chest clip on her seat belt up, so it lines up with her arm pits...I won't go into details, but carseat safety is big in our house and I have been told that trick to make sure the harness properly restrains her :-)

    Prayers continue!

  6. Can't believe how big they are getting! I know you will all be home very soon!