Sunday, November 25, 2012

Nursery Transition

As many times as we have switched nurseries (E to B to F to Special Care 6 to Special Care 19 to H), you would expect us to be old pros by now. How could we have known the most difficult transition would be to their own nursery? Since they came home from the hospital, they have spent their nights sleeping in their rock 'n play sleepers next to our bed. Of course, we jump up at every little noise and squeak which are usually just the result of a little baby stretching. I'm told these are simply "normal" baby noises. It's hard to believe we are finally experiencing anything that is normal.

Last night, while fully equipped with a baby video monitor, Drake's hospital monitor and Kennedy's apnea monitor that we purchased (yes, we are that paranoid), they slept in their own room. It helps that their room is only about 4 feet from our bedroom. I had Brian check and double check the video monitor because I thought it wasn't working, but both Drake and Kennedy were soundly sleeping and the monitor was fine. We both kept getting up and rushing into their room to check on them throughout the night. This adjustment will take some time, but I feel like our first night was a success.

Their bedding and room has come together perfectly! Since I was on full bed rest beginning at 19 weeks, I did my shopping online. I was able to find girl bedding that I liked and boy bedding that I liked, but nothing that would go together. That's when I developed plan B. I searched the Internet for fabrics that I liked and then shared my vision with my dear friends mother who brought it all to life. Everything turned out absolutely perfect, just as I had imagined it all those months ago.

1) Drake
2) Kennedy's crib
3) Drake's blanket
4) Glider
5) Nursery
6) Kennedy's blanket
7) Kennedy
8) Drake's crib
9) Changing table/dresser


  1. Their room is adorable! So happy you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving! The pic below of both of them in their tubs getting baths is amazing of how much they really do look alike now. I remember I used to freak out when Blake's apnea monitor would sound at night and it was because he had snuggled his way out of his leads and it wasn't attached around his chest anymore lol. Talk about freaking out on a nightly basis. I love the pic below where Drake is smiling! I have been looking forward to seeing a smile on his sweet face just like Kennedy's smile! Have a great week!

  2. Their nursery is darling! As soon as they get to spend the night with Gran and Poppy, you will get a good night's sleep. Love you, Kelley

  3. Beautiful and you are not paranoid; you are protective. I am praying you have a fabulous week together and that you and the babies settle in to a wonderful rhythm of being home and being together. All is well.<><

  4. Beautifully executed nursery!! You should think about doing it professionally :-)

    Rushing to crib side at every little squeek is totally normal, just like the squeeks are!! I still bolt up-right at the slightest noise and Treys room is across the house with no monitors! I bet you will be like every other mom who has super sonic hearing once the nerves run out...i stopped using the baby monitor as soon as i noticed my "super power" ;-)

  5. I have to share a funny story that will make you feel very normal for jumping up at every little sound. When we first brought our twins home from the NICU, they slept at the foot of our bed in a pack and play. I woke up from a dead sleep when the pulse oximeter beeped. I jumped up so fast that I ran straight into the post at the foot of our four post bed. My head smacked right into it! Luckily there was no emergency, Camdyn had just kicked her foot out of the pulse ox monitor on her foot, but it landed me a big bruise on my head and a headache.

    Their nursery is beautiful!