Saturday, November 3, 2012

Off The Vent

Drake is showing good signs of recovering from his surgery. They took him off of his ventilator this morning and were concerned he would need to go back on, but Drake showed everyone he was ready to be off. He is still a little fussy (understandably), but he is definitely happier that he is off of the vent. He is now receiving continuous feeds of milk through his g-tube and every day he is one step closer in his recovery. I love how he lights up and recognizes our voices when we walk into his nursery. It was obvious in their eyes how much both he and daddy had missed each other all week.

Kennedy is enjoying being out of the hospital, and she is definitely quite spoiled here at Gran and Poppy's. She too was overjoyed to spend some time with her daddy.

1) Daddy & Drake
2) Drake resting
3) Daddy & Kennedy
4) Kennedy
5) My 2 favorite guys napping
6) Happy baby girl


  1. Hooray for daddy day :-)i i love how drake looks at brian...thats daddy buddy for sure.

    I am so glad they are both doing so well. Drake and Kennedy just amaze me...i was comparing their little foot prints on the t-shirts to Trey's new born! I still can hardly fathom how tiny they were--and now look at them!! How awesome is God?!

    The day you will all be home is fast approaching I can just feel it!!

  2. Go Drake, I am so happy for all of you! What a little guy!

  3. Thank you for sharing the updates. Yours is a remarkable story of love and faith. Praying your family has a blessed Sunday.

  4. I am so happy things are starting to get some sense of normal for you - but as parents normal changes every day anyway! So thankful Drake's surgey was a success. We continue to pray for you and the babies and Brian... Your story has inspired so many!

    Love you -

    Sydney and Yvonne

  5. Kennedy looks so happy and at ease! I can't wait until Drake is at home with u all! Get well soon little buddy...sister needs u at home to help keep Mommy and Daddy on their toes!