Friday, November 23, 2012

Auntie's Visit

Brian's sister, Teresa, was able to come visit today. This was her first time to see her niece and nephew since July! She said that she is amazed at how far they have come, but she said they are smaller than she thought they would be. It was wonderful being able to visit with her and we look forward to when they are able to meet their cousin, Hannah, who will turn 9 next week. As badly as she would like to meet her new baby cousins, she has shown understanding beyond her years as to the fact that it is not safe at this time. Due to fact their immune system is almost non existent, non family members and those that are under the age of 16 are unfortunately highly advised not to be allowed to be around them during RSV season.

Drake has really improved on his bottle intake! His average has increased from the teens to the twenties! A steady climb is what we are looking for, and that is exactly what our little man is achieving. Kennedy has let us know that she would like to increase her feeds now; she is doing a fantastic job with her new slightly increased volume. Both Drake and Kennedy are getting stronger every day, and even though they don't like raising their heads during tummy time, they are really good at it.

1) Daddy & Kennedy
2) Drake
3) Mommy & Kennedy
4) Daddy & Kennedy
5) Auntie & Kennedy
6) Auntie & Drake


  1. 1. Annie: you look 10000 times more rested or less stressed maybe...having your family home looks gorgeous on you!!
    2. Can Kennedy be any sweeter??? And she looks just like momma!!
    3. Yayayay!!!! Can i please tell you how thrilled I am that Auntie T got d&K time??!! She has neen dying for it!!i know she loves you 4 so much and has been heart broken she couldnt break away from work and her super mom list if things to do...i cannot wait to hear about her visit :-)
    4. Isn't Hannah just amazing? She and i were discussing the possibility of her not being able to see the twins because of their delicate immune systems. She was understanding then too, and said she was just happy for her mom to see them then...melt my heart :-)
    5. Im just so overjoyed for yall, this new season is sure to bring many blessings to each of excited you are managing to keep up the blog bc i also look forward to watching them grow :-)

  2. What lovely pictures and such a blessing to see this healthy family growing each day. Thank you for sharing and be assured prayers continue for all God's best to come to your dear family.

  3. I have to say I am also thankful for Auntie Teresa. I'm another of the many anonymous followers and I was introduced to the blog through Teresa's prayer request. I came in on day 19 and haven't missed an entry; my husband and 5 year old dtr ask about the babies all the time. You guys are such an inspiration and a testament to Gods faithfulness. You have taught me to cherish each and every day we blessed with. Keep up the good works!
    Much love from New Braunfels, Sandy Burnett