Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trying Cannula Free

Drake has been doing so well today without his cannula that I am going to try making it through the night without it, too. It's almost midnight and he is off to a great start! If he ends up needing it at any point during the night, his alarm will definitely let me know.

Both Drake and Kennedy are doing a wonderful job with their daily exercises. Neither one of them are happy during tummy time, but they are getting stronger each day. Before we know it they will be rolling over and then crawling around the house. I'm looking forward to every minute!


  1. Go Drake! You can do it, no cannula style!!!

    These two are so beautiful, precious, and full of love. God really did bless your family with two miracles :)

  2. Praying that you have an awesome day. These two are thriving! You are an awesome Mom.I am praying you have a good day today and that God blesses you with smooth sailing.<><

  3. Drake looks like he is really sleeping good without, hope the night went well.

    Kennedy is a doll!

    Love ya'll,


  4. Beautiful, beautiful babies!

  5. Yay for Drake and way to go mommy! Keep moving forward! Go Team D&K