Friday, December 7, 2012

Lesson Learned

We had quite the busy day today...3 doctors appointments for Drake throughout the Dallas Metroplex all in one day. First, I am thankful that my mom was able to keep Kennedy and that she drove late in the afternoon to meet me on the drive home with her. Second, I am thankful that Drake's nurse was able to go with us to each of his appointments. With all of the paperwork that I needed to fill out, it was nice to have someone to help with Drake.

We began at the eye doctor at 8:30 and were given good news...both of his eyes are fully developed! No more follow up visits! Next we were off to the pulmonologist. He was very impressed with Drake and how he is doing. He wants us to keep working on weaning him with the oxygen during the day but would like him to remain on oxygen at night. This will help him grow because he will not have to work so hard with his breathing. Did i mention that Drake was a perfect angel at his first two appointments?Last stop was the developmental doctor. She saw Drake several times while he was in the NICU and she sat down with Brian and me after we received his devastating diagnosis. Even though Drake was fed up with seeing doctors at this point in the day, he was still able to impress her.

In between visits we were working on his bottle feeds and putting the remainder through his feeding pump. We hit a snag when his feeding pump stopped working at the developmental doctor's office. We contacted the medical supplier and they sent someone out to meet us with a new pump. Thank goodness for their prompt action because a hungry and tired Drake would not have been any fun. With his tummy being filled, he slept peacefully the entire drive home.

We will be following up with the developmental doctor in February and next time Kennedy will be with us for her follow up. Drake will visit the pulmonologist again in March unless we have some concerns before that. However, next time I will make sure we don't have more than two appointments in the same day.


  1. I don't know who is more super the baby who has had 4 dr appts in two days or the mom that has managed to get him there! Way to go!

    Thank goodness for Gran and Poppy too...I also benefit from having help the of grandparents nearby --what a blessing!!

    Enjoy daddy/hubby this weekend. I am sure you will be celebrating the good reports on Drake (what miracles they both are, i'm stilled amazed at their/your journey) ...we will be at cheer comp in Austin where your sweet niece Hannah will be throwing a back handspring for the first time in competition, so we will send good vibes to yall and yall send them our way too ;-)

  2. So proud of how well your family is doing. I know it is crazy,but believe me, before you know it you have moved onto another normal. So proud of Drake, keep up the hard work and keep impressing everyone. I love all the pictures. Next time your at and docs in Dallas, stop by and see everyone. Have a great first Christmas with your precious Gifts from God
    Merry Christmas
    Kerri Moses

  3. Glad to hear you made it back safely and have all of those appointments behind you for a while. What wonderful news from the eye doctor! God id definitely looking out for the details (in regards to the timing of the pump failure). Pray you have an enjoyable weekend back home.