Saturday, December 22, 2012

Dinner & A Movie

Best laid plans...Brian and I really thought we would be able to enjoy dinner and a movie here at home while Drake and Kennedy were resting. Yeah, right...Our lives completely revolve around these little darlings and they had different plans for us. Still, we wouldn't change a thing. We paused for feeds, we paused for diaper changes, we paused for holding and for rocking. In the end, we have two babies tucked in for the night and 5 & half hours later we completed an hour and a half movie.

Compared to yesterday, Drake's congestion has improved greatly. Last night and today I have suctioned out quite a bit of crud. We're so glad that he is starting to feel better and his coughing/choking incidences are fewer.

All in doesn't matter whether our evening outcome goes according to our plan. We'll take being home as a family any way we can get it!

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  1. So glad to read that Drake's cold is improving!