Friday, December 21, 2012

Fussy Friday

Poor little Drake is still dealing with congestion and drainage. It breaks my heart to see him feeling so crummy; however, it is still a positive sign that he is not running a fever and his drainage is remaining clear. He is beginning to cough up some of this drainage which seems to be helping. It helps...and it is also very scary because it causes him to choke. This requires some quick action and assistance from us to relieve his distress. We are willing to try anything to help bring him some relief. First we tried the cool humidifier, now we have the warm humidifier going. I take him into the bathroom when I take a hot shower so the steam can help break up his congestion. I'm still giving him breathing treatments every 4 hours, and I am eagerly awaiting him breathing free and clear again.

Even our happy-go-lucky Kennedy has had a bit of a fussy day today. It was difficult to pinpoint what was causing her to be upset until she produced a dirty diaper. Apparently that had been causing her discomfort because she was back to all smiles after her diaper change. I have contacted the pediatrician about her bathroom difficulties previously (she goes for up to 5 days between bowel movements) and we know it has to do with the "added rice" to her formula that is mixed with breast milk. To our surprise, the long stretches between bowel movements is not a concern with any of the doctors we have consulted. Still it is an issue we are watching closely.

After this Fussy Friday, we are very much in need of a Sensational Saturday. Actually, I will settle for just a nice Simple Saturday as a family.

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  1. Hope Saturday is a happy day for Kennedy and Drake and especially praying that congestion goes away from baby Drake soon.