Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Still No Cannula!

Drake has officially made it 24hrs cannula free! So far, so good! Every first down is one step closer to independence from machines! We are so proud of his success, and he also took larger amounts of his bottles today before stopping and having to use the pump and Mickey Button. Over all, this has been quite a successful day.

Today also officially began Christmas in the Gilstrap home. The stockings are hung, the tree is decorated, except for the tree top, and wreaths and other decorations adorn the house. Mom and I worked diligently while the babies napped. Kennedy awoke first and immediately saw the changes. She looked all around and began to smile. It was so adorable!

The next two days will be busy and important. Tomorrow morning, we will be waiting on a call from the pediatrician's office telling us the Synagis shots are ready for both babies. We plan to be ready to go when they call. Then Mom and I plan to head to McKinney for the night. Drake has 3 doctor's visits on Friday. He and I will get an early start at the eye doctor for his follow up from the hospital. Then it is on to the pulmonologist and then the developmental doctor. Kennedy will stay at my parents and hopefully spend a little time with Aunt Meredith and Jacob. Then she and Gran will meet us at the last visit so we can head back home before the rush hour begins. Brian will be at home for this adventure, because work must go on.

I know both Gran and I will be very nervous having to drive with the babies. Please pray for safe travels and excellent check ups from all the doctors.


  1. Oh so precious!


  2. Don't be stressed about the drive... you got this! God will have a pack of guardian angels surrounding you all as you head to the various places... all fans of Drake and Kennedy... the same ones who cheered them on while in the NICU :)

    That is so cute to see Kennedy smiled when she saw all the Christmas decorations :) I'm sure they are going to love it :)

    Awesome news on Drake! Slowly but surely, first down after first down, he is heading for that touchdown! Go Drake! :)

    Merry Christmas Gilstrap Family! :)

  3. I'm awfully fond of my sons smile, but Kennedy's dang near got him beat ;-)

    Angels will surround each of you and Gods light will lead the way --tomorrow will be a good day.

    Kiss those sweet cheeks and enjoy the cuddles :-)