Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Brian, Drake, Kennedy & I have enjoyed our first family Christmas snuggled in at home together! We began our morning with a huge Christmas breakfast prepared by Brian. Yum! I started cooking stew and jalapeƱo cornbread early in the day so that it would be ready for dinner; a perfect meal on a cold Christmas night. I wish we could say a white Christmas night, but we did not experience the snow that so many other Texas friends and family did. Still...with so much to be thankful for...we honestly cannot complain about anything.

Since being "home bound" for our first Christmas together, having a wet and soggy day was the perfect setting. We had fun experiencing our family Christmas's on FaceTime with Drake and Kennedy. We are already looking forward to next Christmas when they will be old enough to really experience this family holiday.

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  1. Praise the Lord your wonderful pictures just made my heart smile! I love all the pictures; even the Dog Baby has such a proud smile on its face! The bottom pic is just so wonderful, what a lovely family you are and the love shines forth. Prayers will continue for you throughout the coming year! God bless you. <><