Sunday, December 2, 2012

Dad's Headed Back to Work

Unfortunately, it is that time for dad to get back to work after an extended leave from work that was much needed with our new family. We have all 4 thoroughly enjoyed the past week of being together as a family every day and every night. Brian will head out at 4:30am to begin a regular work week in Houston. We are going to miss him as much as he is going to miss us, but he has to get back to work, and we will figure it out.

Having Brian's family here this weekend was so much fun! I even got out to the grocery store yesterday with my sister-in-law while Brian and Uncle Matt watched the babies; my, how you take the little things for granted. We had a fun afternoon hanging out with both Drake and Kennedy. Below are several pictures that we snapped today.


  1. Kennedy is laughing!!that smile is perfect!! I love how Drake looks at herlike "whats so funny sissy?" His cheeks just make me smile! and their sockies & onsies just are too precious.

    Prayers continue for growth, health, and easy adjustments as needed.

  2. They are just too cute! That laughing picture is adorable. I agree that it looks like Drake is saying, "what's so funny?"

  3. These pictures make my heart melt! I LOVE the picture of Drake looking at Kennedy!! Priceless!