Friday, December 14, 2012


My heart aches for the students, parents, and educators in Connecticut. As many times as we practice for these types of scenarios within our schools, never could a horror of this magnitude be imaginable. I know the news of today's tragedy has been emotional for all Americans, and as an educator myself, this hits very close to home.

I am reminded of a serious lockdown 10 years ago at my school when I was student teaching. The principal told me to lock the door, close the blinds, keep the kindergarten students in a corner and not to open the door for anyone including parents. As I closed the blinds to our classroom, I saw a swarm of police officers surrounding the campus. Being a teacher means remaining calm for your students in any situation. I read them books and continued with the routine of our day just slightly altered. It wasn't until a briefing after school that I found out the father of one of the students in my class and husband of a teacher on campus had committed a homicide and then come to our campus. He was apprehended and no one was injured, but the fear and uncertainty of that day is still a vivid memory.

I don't think it could be possible for Brian and me to ever take a day with Drake and Kennedy for granted, but I do know that we are holding them a little tighter tonight.

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  1. All of us with children feel the same need to hold them closer tonight. I went through my teaching day unaware of the tragedy until doing bus duty and one of the drivers informed me of the tragedy. Prayers for your babies and all of our children are especially strong tonight.