Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Eve

Compared to our traditional Christmas Eves of years past with houses bustling with family, this year has been quiet with just the four of us. Thank goodness for FaceTime, which has allowed us to visit and interact with both my family and Brian's family. We have had fun putting Drake and Kennedy in their 1st Christmas outfits from their Aunt Gigi; however, it is difficult to get them to cooperate in pictures.

Tomorrow will be a different type of Christmas morning for us. It will be the 1st time in 30+ years that we have not woken up to a Christmas morning with one of our families. It will be different, but we finally have a family of our own! Would we like to spend Christmas with our family members, of course. Being in isolation for the holidays is not a forever thing, but it is necessary to protect our babies from potential illness due to their lack of an immune system.

Face-timing with our families tomorrow will be a fun way to remain a part of the festivities. It is also going to beat our typical 5hr car ride from one family Christmas to the next.

From Drake, Kennedy, Annie, and Brian...we wish you all a Very Merry Christmas!!!


  1. Love! Love! Love the outfits! Merry Christmas to the Fab Four! (The best gift of all :)

  2. These pictures are adorable. Your little Christmas gifts look so precious wrapped up in those outfits! Blessings to the Gilsraps on their first Christmas as a family of 4!!!!