Thursday, December 6, 2012


This morning we awoke and eagerly awaited the call from the doctors office letting us know the coveted Synagis shots had arrived. At 9:34am the call finally came. Our little angels were about to get their long awaited protection from the dreaded RSV. These shots are only good for 30 days and therefore must be repeated every 30 days during the RSV season (Oct-Mar, Apr, May) -- the season length is different every year. Drake and Kennedy were supposed to receive their shots on Nov 25th, and since today is Dec 6th it explains why I have been a little panicked about them. Especially since Drake has 3 doctors appointments tomorrow...meaning 3 different waiting areas filled will people and germs. I've never been so terrified of germs in my entire life!

We took two happy curious babies into the doctor's office for the shots and left with two heartbroken babies crying real tears. Yes, of course they received a multitude of shots while in the hospital, but I was never the bad guy who had to hold them down. I don't know who was more heartbroken.

Next up was our trek to McKinney to stay the night with Gran and Poppy. They live much closer to the appointments and Gran will be taking care of Kennedy while Drake and I visit with each doctor. Packing up twins is no small task, especially when you have to also pack oxygen tanks, tubing, feeding bags and a feeding pump. This was my first time to drive anywhere alone with the babies...needless to say I was nervous. Drake had been 48 hrs without the support of his oxygen, but shortly into our drive his monitor started going off and I had to pull over and get him set up with his oxygen tank and cannula. A little later in our drive, his monitor started going crazy and saying his heart rate was 30. I pulled over once again and this time found that his pulse-reader had come off of his foot. Crisis averted.

Having the extra hands once we reached our destination was nice. The best part was the home cooked meal thanks to Uncle Mikey! Now it is time for some rest before our long day of doctor visits tomorrow.


  1. That's a lot of babies in tbat pic!!!!

    Allen and Karen

  2. Look at the smiles on Gran and Poppy's faces! Pricesless!

  3. Love the pic of all the babies - everyone looks so happy and content!

  4. Awesome pictures :-)