Saturday, December 8, 2012


Thank goodness for Saturdays...We spent today recovering from our busy week. Drake and Kennedy were worn out from their travels, and I was more tired than I realized. We all enjoyed the opportunity to nap as a family this afternoon.

Drake and Kennedy had us cracking up today. Brian's sister, Aunt Gigi, had given Kennedy an outfit that she got for her in Nashville. Kennedy was hamming it up in her individual pictures, but we discovered she was not as happy to share the spotlight with her brother. We also discovered it is much easier to take pictures of them separately than it is when they are together; however, when they are together it sure makes us smile.

My friends and former colleagues of Caldwell Elementary posted a sweet message for us on Facebook. The outpouring of support from my Caldwell family has been extremely heartwarming. It has been a privilege to work with such a fantastic group of educators, and I miss them very much.

Right now the house is quiet...The babies are asleep, Brian is asleep, Harlee & Ella are asleep and I think I better join them. Since tomorrow is Sunday, we are going to enjoy spending as much time with Brian as we can before he heads out for another work week.


  1. Syd loves the pics! She said Drake is looking like he's saying "What's wrong with you sister?" in the second photo!

  2. Beautiful to see these pictures.