Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Moving On Up

Today I packed up their newborn clothes and replaced them with 3 month outfits. This reminded me of the day in the hospital when I packed up their preemie clothes to donate to other babies (except a few special outfits). Babies really do grow fast! Before we know it they will be moving up to the next size.

Drake excelled at his exercises today! When he does his tummy time on his boppy pillow, he pushes himself up with his arms and really gets his legs moving. Today he managed to push and kick himself until he was able to launch himself over his boppy. He is one determined little boy.

Kennedy is a happy baby girl! I love starting my days with her because even if I'm tired, when she is all smiles I can't help but be happy too.

Funny moment today...Harlee discovered that the baby bear mat makes a comfy dog bed!


  1. I love seeing you happy at home with your babies Annie! Continued prayers and support from me and my family! xoxo Kristen (Brown) Horabin

  2. These are beautiful. I think Harlee also wants to remind you of who the first "child" was in the family:) So so sweet to share these ordinary but beautiful milestones.