Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gran's Birthday!

Today is Gran's birthday! I will not be saying her age because women reach a certain age where it becomes impolite to broadcast without their permission; however, I will say that she does NOT look her age. Drake and Kennedy were able to celebrate with her for part of the day before she headed home, and I am regretting that I did not snap a picture of her with two of her grand-babies before she left. Good thing she will be back on Monday, and I can do it then. Better late than never.

Drake's sweet nurse brought blueberry muffins this morning just as a special birthday treat. She is so thoughtful! We missed her yesterday, but we are happy that she was missing for a good reason...she got married on 12-12-12. I'm excited that tomorrow is Friday and the beginning of another weekend as a family!

Drake has been going for a few hours each day without his cannula and we are working toward more. In pictures where he is not wearing the cannula, he still has the brown stickers which we use to secure the cannula tubing.


  1. Prayers continue for steady streams of strength and progress.

  2. Happy Birthday Gran!!! Thirties aren't so bad- you'll adjust! Lol :) I see Harlee (1st pic) is exhausted from all the partying. I know you're all ready for the weekend!

  3. Your babies are so precious. It's a joy to see them everyday on the blog. Thanks so much for posting so faithfully. Both babies are so much surrounded by God's presence, there is a special anointing and grace on Drake that I can see on the pictures. Hold on to God's promises and believe there will be full restoration for him.

  4. Happy birthday to Gran- you are so blessed to be surrounded by such a great family. I love keeping up with all your daily activities. So excited to see how great they both look. I am so proud of Drake for progressing with his "exercises". I can't wait to watch his daily progress! Miss yall but so excited you are finally where you need to be- HOME!!!!!!!!!!
    Kerri (OT)