Saturday, December 15, 2012


No, we have not been swimming yet, but Drake and Kennedy sure do love a warm bath! Kennedy, who is all smiles these days, loves to splash the water and make a big smile while she is taking her bath. Every time she smiles it makes both Brian and me laugh and smile too.

Drake has given is a few scares today. He has had some nasal congestion for a few days and he seems to have some drainage now. He doesn't know how to handle the drainage and it has caused him to choke several times today. We swoop in and suction out the drainage causing problems, but it still scares us every time. We will be watching him closely throughout the night.


  1. Will be thinking of him tonight! Braedon had that same outfit! Love reading the blog STILL! Love that they are growing, interacting, and knowing nothing but love!


  2. I will pray that little Drake's cold gets gone quickly. I can almost hear little Kennedy's giggles. Praying you had your good Sunday afternoon family nap. <><